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Atlas Cables

Atlas Hyper DD Ultra S/PDIF RCA-RCA Cable

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Atlas Audio Video Cables From Scotland UK


The Atlas Hyper DD Integra S/PDIF digital cable utilises a simplified version of the dual-drain system originally found in Atlas' top-of-the-range Mavros and Asimi interconnects.  This and many other features establishes the Hyper dd S/PDIF as a high performance cable engineered to offer optimum performance.

Compromised jitter performance and impedance problems normally associated with many 75ohm cables on the market is not an issue for Atlas and it's digital offerings.

Design to match consumer digital audio specifications with true 75 Ohm impedance, the Atlas Hyper dd Integra S/PDIF incorporates propriety cold-weld solder-free connectors to avoid continuity breaks and compression of the cable's shielding. 

The Atlas Hyper dd Integra S/PDIF is an ideal digital cable between CD transport or streamer and DAC. 



  • Integra RCA Plugs 
  • OCC Copper Conductors 
  • PEF Dielectric 
  • Co-ax Construction
  • Dual Drain ('DD') Technology



  • CONSTRUCTION  twin twisted pair multicore - dual drain

  • MATERIAL  6n OCC copper


  • SCREEN  OFC 94.2% - 252 strands

  • CAPACITANCE  71.54 pF/m

  • INDUCTANCE  0.542 µH/m

  • RESISTANCE  0.0239 Ohms/m

  • VOP  0.682



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