Element HDMI 4K
Element HDMI 4K Element HDMI 4K Element HDMI 4K

The Element utilises high purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors insulated by a low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric to deliver fast, accurate signals between source and destination components. A unique conductor topology and its precision length-matched construction enables the Element HDMI to achieve consistent data transmission and maintain constant impedance – making it fully compliant with the latest 4k specifications and avoiding the timing issues which potentially degrade performance. With triple layer shielding employed to eliminate any contamination of the high speed digital path ways and a precision die-cast metal head shell which provides superb screening characteristics and ensures a secure connection (loose fitting connectors can be a cause of signal loss). Construction = 19 conductor multicore Material = OFC Dielectric = Data PEF, Power HDPE Screen = OFC, 85% Shielding = Triple (100% Mylar™) - data