Hyper HDMI 4K
Hyper HDMI 4K Hyper HDMI 4K Hyper HDMI 4K

The ‘Active’ Hyper 4K HDMI is available in 10, 12 and 15m lengths with no loss of performance. Coupled with Atlas' installation grade precision connectors, Hyper is superbly suited to ‘high-end’ video installations. As you’d expect given their passion for audio, the Hyper 4k HDMI is designed to give optimum sound qualty. Atlas’ expertise in world-class digital audio interconnects means ‘jitter’ (signal-degrading digital ‘noise’) is kept to extremely low levels. Construction = 10 conductors, 24 awg multicore cable: (Active 10m, 12m, 15m) Material = OFC (data), OFC (Power) Dielectric = PEF (Data), HDPE (Power) Screen = OFC, 90% Shielding = Triple 100% Cu Mylar™ Outside Diameter = 9.5mm PVC (CL3/FT4)