Pre Audio - Audiophile Turntables & Tonearms


      The highest end audiophile turntables and tonearms.

      Polish company Pre-audio Turntables produce unique and unconventional tangential (linear-tracking) turntables and tube preamplifiers at extremely competitive prices.

      Their turntable range is available with plinths made of a variety of woods, acrylic & granite, and can be pre-fitted with tangential tracking tone arms and choice of stock cartridge from the likes of Benz-Micro, Audio-Technica and Ortofon. Those built on the air-bearing concept are also supplied with a separate, dedicated and extremely quiet pump, which comes with lengthy tubing and cabling to allow you to place it far from the turntable if desired.

      All designs have been developed by Daniel Prendecki, the brain behind the brand, CEO of the company and the company's namesake (the 'Pre' of Pre-audio is taken from Prendecki).