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Atlas Hyper dd S/PDIF Metik 3.5mm—Integra RCA

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Atlas Audio Video Cables From Scotland UK


3.5mm outputs are ever more popular with the huge increase of ‘dual purpose’ personal audio devices and portable DACs. Many of these devices are also used in sophisticated home audio systems, but until recently, there have been few genuine audiophile interconnects with 3.5mm connectors suitable for high performance audio.

The Hyper metik features four central multi-core conductors made up of two identical pairs of OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) wires within a single-shielded outer cover (rather than separate cables for left & right channels).

The Metik range of solder-free cold-weld jack plugs brings the class-leading continuous signal path performance of our Integra and Ultra RCA connectors to portable device interconnects. Featuring precision copper alloy contacts with a PTFE (Teflon™) dielectric, the Metik plugs provide a high quality, secure termination for connecting mobile devices where sound quality is paramount.

Conventional jack plugs typically suffer degraded signal integrity,principally by using low-grade components, soldered connections and/or screw fixings which distort the cable dielectric (insulation), which produces measurable changes in the cable’s performance. RCA connectors are our low-mass Integra phono plugs.



  • Integra RCA Plugs 
  • Silver-plated OFC Copper Conductors 
  • PEF Dielectric 
  • Co-ax Construction
  • Dual Drain ('DD') Technology



  • CONSTRUCTION  Twin twisted pair multicore, dual drain

  • MATERIAL  6n OCC Copper

  • DIELECTRIC  PEF (Polyethylene) 

  • SCREEN  OFC 94.2% – 252 strands 

  • CAPACITANCE  71.54 pF/m

  • INDUCTANCE  0.542 µH/m

  • RESISTANCE  0.0239 Ohms/m 

  • VOP  0.682


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