AVM Ovation PA 8.2 Modular Preamplifier - Audio Influence Australia
AVM Ovation PA 8.2 Modular Preamplifier - Audio Influence Australia
AVM Ovation PA 8.2 Modular Preamplifier - Audio Influence Australia
AVM Ovation PA 8.2 Modular Preamplifier - Audio Influence Australia

Brand: AVM

AVM Ovation PA 8.2 Modular Preamplifier

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The OVATION  MA 8.2 and SA 8.2 power-amps rank amongst the very best power amplifiers already since many years. This made it easy to phrase the expectations against a matching OVATION Line pre-amplifier: It needs to be the perfect. Starting the realization of our second generation OVATION pre-amp our focus was not only on defending reference titles and to rank amongst the best of the best. Numerous new technologies and components have become available in recent years as well as new circuit designs and architectures were tried out in series of prototypes: Now these concepts were matured to the degree to be ready to be deployed in a reference pre-amp going to regular production. All this  followed just one uncompromised path: The best of the best is just good enough.

To push it even further to the extreme, we intended to create a pre-amp that will be versatile in order to keep up with the rapidly advancing ‘computer-audio’ (as we call it). This pre-amp should be able to grow with rising demands in future years. Having this goal in mind, the PA 8.2 sparks a completely new, fully modular design. Similar to it’s predecessor, this modular concept allows additions, exchange and upgrades according to personal likings and changing preferences. The appearance of the PA 8.2 is matching exactly with the power amps of the OVATION Line.

The PA 8.2 consists of two main parts: The base unit and the separately available Plug-In Cards which may be arranged in any combination the customer chooses. The base unit features a massive and fully linear power supply which is a complete redevelopment by AVM and provides alone three vigorous power feeds in total for the analog (+/-) and digital domains of the audiophile masterpiece. The base unit is also equipped with a smart control unit to manage both the entire device and all functions of the available plug-in cards. The base unit automatically detects which module is plugged in at which slot and adapts its menu functions automatically. For example, menu functions for the FM tuner are only shown if a respective FM Tuner Module is plugged in. This way, changing or adding modules on the rear side of the PA 8.2 could not be easier and is done in no time at all – even by the customer himself.



  • Analog preamplifier incl. HiFi Streaming (TIDAL, QOBUZ, UPnP, Webradio and more)
  • 2 analog inputs (XLR + Cinch)
  • 6 digital inputs
  • Quad DAC · DSD128 · 384kHz/32bit
  • Class-A headphone amplifier
  • Convenient control via RC S App for iOS & Android
  • Optional RC 9 remote control




    Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black

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    355 x 430 x 130 mm (L x W x H)

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