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NAD MDC Module DD AP-1 Analogue Phono

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The NAD DD AP-1 MDC module is designed to complement your NAD MDC-compatible stereo integrated amplifier, and give it the capability to handle three different analog audio inputs. 

The AP-1 features a balanced stereo pair of XLR inputs, a single-ended RCA stereo input pair, and a stereo RCA phono input, selectable between moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) profiles.

Internally, the module performs a 24-bit/192 kHz analog-to-digital conversion on the incoming audio signal to prepare it for the amplifiers digital pathways. Adding this module to your amplifier allows it to handle a more diverse range of analog audio sources and turntable signals with ease, increasing its value and utility as the heart of your entertainment system.



  • 24/192 ADC with auto input ranging: max resolution without overload
  • Class A input buffers
  • Balanced Stereo Input (XLR)
  • Phono input, selectable MM/MC



  • Inputs: Balanced stereo input (XLR), single-ended stereo input (RCA),Phono input, selectable MM / MC
  • Compatibility: C390DD

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