Element DIN to RCA
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Based on Atlas' multi-award winning Element Integra I/C, the Element DIN interconnect utilises a shielded four-core construction providing excellent immunity to interference and noise. A symmetrical interconnect with a wide-band, neutral sound, designed to be an excellent upgrade cable for equipment utilising DIN socketry. The Element DIN to Integra RCA is fitted with a 5 Pin ‘locking’ DIN connector. Atlas DIN plugs are wired as follows by default: Pin 2 = Ground; Pin 3 = Left, Pin 5 = Right. Atlas also offer 4 & 5 pin variants suitable for Naim equipment. Construction = Co-ax Material = OCC Dielectric = PEF (Polyethylene) Screen Braid = OFC, 90% Capacitance = 63.03 pF/m Inductance = 0.3735 µH/m Resistance = 0.1612 Ohms/m Impedance = 77.05 Ohms/m Outside Diameter = 6.0mm