Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm) at Audio Influence
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm) at Audio Influence
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm) at Audio Influence
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm) at Audio Influence
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm)
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm)
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm)
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm)
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm)
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm)
Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm)

Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm)

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**All Racks Are Custom Made**

After selecting colour and finish, add the number of tiers you require. After ordering we will call you to help you select your perfect leg lengths for your system - at no extra cost.

Hi Fi Racks Podium XL Per Tier (800 x 400mm)

  • Dimensions External: 800 x 400mm, Internal: 688 x 400mm

Earning a 5-star review in What Hi Fi? November 2012 edition, the Podium XL was praised on its ability to ‘convey oodles of weight, and plenty and refinement too’. Designed to achieve the highest standards in audio performance, the Podium XL hi-fi rack delivers unrivalled clarity and detailing, uncovering the subtle nuances within your music for a transformative, dynamic listening experience.

An ideal choice for larger systems and heavier equipment, the Podium XL hi-fi rack has a weight capacity of 150kg per tier, and is available in both standard & bespoke widths up to 1200mm as the second largest rack in the Podium range. 


  • Created from solid hardwood for its innate sonic qualities
  • LINK4© Connection Technology for an enhanced listening experience
  • SONISPIKE© precision-engineered stainless steel isolation spikes
  • Any custom size available: Any width, any depth, any height to the millimetre
  • Flexible, modular design to allow your rack to change and grow with your set-up
  • Each tier can hold up to 150kg for larger, heavier equipment
  • Optional castors, cable management, isolation plinths, TV bracket and more

The Podium XL hi-fi rack is engineered to enable each tier to perform independently, with comprehensive vibration control and audio isolation to prevent unwanted resonance from affecting the quality of your sound. The rack pairs HI-FI Racks' exclusive LINK4© Connection Technology to mitigate vibrations passing between tiers with HI-FI Racks' signature SONISPIKE© precision-engineered stainless steel isolation spikes, providing additional decoupling and dampening between each level for unparalleled acoustic refinement.

Created from the finest quality 40mm solid hardwood bonded with the grain, concave to convex, the Podium XL hi-fi rack harnesses the natural characteristics of this material and the fibres’ specific modulus of elasticity (MOE) to minimise unwanted colouration and distortion in every form, letting your music shine through. In line with the HI-Racks ethos of “one size does not fit all”, each rack is individually made-to-order to your exact specifications in any width, depth or height, allowing for a seamless fit with your available space and component dimensions.

With  the HI-FI Racks unique modular approach to design, the Podium XL hi-fi rack is the perfect combination of style, performance and function. As your hi-fi system grows and evolves, you can easily add new tiers or replace HI-FI Racks solid hardwood vertical uprights to adjust the internal height of your rack, accommodating endless configuration possibilities for ultimate flexibility.

From castors to in-plinth or rear-fixing cable management, vinyl storage, isolation plinths and more, you can have all the options or none to configure your perfect rack - the choice is truly yours. Furthermore, the Podium XL can also be utilised as a TV stand, with HI-FI Racks' optional TV bracket enabling your technology to sit together in one cohesive entertainment system, with built-in cable management. Whether you choose to have your rack made from Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Black or White, the Podium XL hi-fi rack is the audiophile’s choice for ultimate performance, flexibility and customisation without compromise.



40mm hardwood staves are used for each tier providing stiffness and stability, adding to the Hi Fi Racks density as well as absorbing vibration. Each board is bonded concave and convex adding to the board’s rigidity. The Hi Fi stand comes with 46mm² solid hardwood legs which are removable and can be made to any length, this allows the hi-fi rack to fit around your system, giving adequate space for heat and means you can keep adapting and upgrading your rack with longer legs if you change equipment changes.


As with all HI-FI Racks stands, you can add or remove levels and change leg heights to modify and upgrade your unit as your system grows and changes.

Standard Size

800 x 400mm


The Podium XL forms part of HI-FI Racks' bespoke range. One of the key advantages of this rack is that it can be made to any depth, width or height so you can have the rack made to the exact millimetre of your specifications, enabling it to fit your equipment and environment perfectly. We don’t charge a premium for this, just the cubic millimetre cost, so you get a rack that is perfect for you.

Weight Capacity

Each tier can hold 150kg

Leg Length

When selecting the appropriate leg height for your rack; this is the clearance between the two plinths including the spike. Please note that this does not include the thickness of the plinths (40mm). Any leg length is available at no extra cost, enabling you to specify the exact length to meet your requirements.

Base leg (floor to first plinth) heights with no spike can be a minimum height of 50mm. A minimum height with a spike is 65mm. Any leg above the height of 300mm HI-FI Racks recommend being bolted for stability.

Please allow adequate space above your HiFi equipment for heat ventilation and check your manufacturers manual for recommendations on effective heat dispersal. Without adequate space this can cause significant damage to both your component and rack.

If you own a valve amp, or any other particularly hot component, we highly recommend this component is placed onto a standalone tier or placed on the top tier and not placed on an internal shelf to ensure no damage occurs.

Any component that doesn’t have adequate space and causes damage to the rack will not be liable for replacing. 

LP Pack

This offers a tidy storage solution for your vinyl records. When selecting this addition, one of the tiers will be allocated to create this offering, incorporating two extra legs on each side with a rear crossbar for support. This can be made to fit any width and depth. Please note that if you select this option one of the tiers will be allocated to the LP pack. You may wish to add an additional tier for this option if you require the other tiers to fit your equipment.

Cable management

This offers a neat solution for all of your cables presented at the rear of the rack, manufactured from 22mm thickness wood which will attach to the back of the rack to minimise the cluttered look of messy cables.


Castors are a 65mm high wheel. Selecting the castor option will mean that you will lose the legs on the base level of your rack, with castors manufactured directly into the base plinth. Interchangeable legs with castors are available upon request.


Isolation plinths are available in 22mm or 40mm thickness. If selecting an isolation plinth, this will default to 22mm but can be upgraded to 40mm - we can discuss your requirements. 

HI-FI Racks' 22mm isolation plinths are manufactured from solid oak, so if you have chosen one of the more exotic woods for your rack, please note that the isolation plinth will be a close, but not exact, match in colour with a stain used on the oak. The 40mm isolation plinths will be manufactured from your choice of exotic wood and will match


Hifi Racks Made In Britain

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