MoFi Record Brush Replacement Pad (2-pack)

Brand: MoFi

MoFi Record Brush Replacement Pad (2-pack)

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MoFi Record Brush Replacement Pad (2-pack)


Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab replacement brush pads work on the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Record Brush, the best record-cleaning brush available. We recommend replacing the pads after cleaning 100-150 records or when the pad begins to show wear. But don't worry. Worn-out pads are quickly and inexpensively replaced. Carefully peel off the old pad, making sure to remove all the old adhesive. Then, peel the wax backing from the OEM replacement pad and line it up with the edges of the brush, ensuring enough material overlap covers both the front and rear lips of the brush. Finally, slowly and firmly press the new replacement pad onto the brush until it's completely adhered. Look to see that no bubbles or folds exist, and check that the pad lays flat on the brush.

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