The Plus Radio Stereo AM/FM BT Walnut/Beige - Audio Influence

Built for the digital age with timeless appeal, THE+RADIO delivers high-performance DAB+/FM radio and wireless Bluetooth in a classic design. THE+RADIO comes in a variety of decor-matching finishes.

Why would you want Stereo?: Stereo relies on two independent audio channels and your ears to synthesise the spatial cues generated by the original sound source. The audio in each channel contains unique timing and sound pressure information, which your brain combines to triangulate, the position and dimension of the sound in the space between the speakers. Stereo gives music a more life-like three-dimensional quality that isn't possible from a single speaker.

Real stereo from THE +AUDIO: At THE +AUDIO we understand your need for stylish, compact, uncomplicated systems but we believe you can enjoy these virtues without losing the richness of stereo sound. With a simple connection, you can add a second speaker to our systems, restoring the glorious natural dimension of stereo to your music while keeping all the stylish quality of our classic compact design.

2 is better than 1: After decades of stereo evolution, there really is no need to sacrifice the gift of hi-fi sound for simplicity and convenience. With THE+AUDIO you can have both: great sounding stereo and classic, compact, clutter-free design beautifully combined. In an increasingly mono world where making a stand for stereo, designed with our incomparable flair. After all, two is always better than one.