Rel Acoustics Arrow Wireless - Transmitter at Audio Influence
Rel Acoustics Arrow Wireless - Transmitter at Audio Influence

Rel Acoustics Arrow Wireless - Transmitter

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Rel Acoustics Arrow Wireless

Arrow wireless, delivers much of the promise and connectivity of hardwired RELs with the placement flexibility and pure cool factor of great wireless. Compatible only with Serie T/i. Not compatible with Tzero.

Arrow is REL’s zero compression method of distributing wireless and delivers performance similar to their wireless systems quickly, reliably and without the thin, dried out sound most wireless systems deliver. In part, this is achieved by eliminating the often very slow delivery methods offered by off-the-shelf Bluetooth and wi-fi based systems. Arrow represents something of a cost breakthrough as it uses LSI (large scale integrated circuit chips) technology to lower the cost of the system by about 30% while preserving almost all the performance.

Flick Of A Switch


REL designed and engineered Arrow specifically for Serie T/i, allowing REL to develop a holistic solution that operates as beautifully as it looks. No tinkering with devices waiting to sync like you find with Bluetooth solutions, because Arrow features a tandem transmitter and receiver that docks and locks directly to the rear of your T/i. Pairing consists of plugging the transmitter and receiver in (about 10 seconds each), then turning the Send unit on and flicking 2 switches. By the time you have released the second switch, you’ll be hearing incredible sound quality emerging from your REL.


  • Optional Arrow transmitter for compression free wireless transmission of .1 LFE and high level connections
  • Available in Black
  • Suits Ti/Tx Series only (not T-Zero)
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