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Pro-Ject Audio RPM 1 Carbon

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The RPM series of turntables implement a radical concept that does not compromise sound quality, at the best price possible. A low-resonance chassis holds a newly designed inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for lowest noise-floor. An outboard motor is smoothly driven using an ultra-precision AC generator with DC power supply for further enhanced speed stability. A completely new designed S-shaped tonearm tube is made from carbon fibre, aluminium and resin. Using a complex three-step process with heat treatment and 100 bar pressure, the arm tube rigidity is increased, internal damping is maximized and resonances are reduced to a minimum. This makes the tonearm also suitable for MC cartridges. Additional features are a new magnetic anti-skating mechanism and a TPE-damped counterweight. All components add up to a miracle in sound for the price and an ultra-stylish look! This turntable comes with a pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Red.

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