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Turntables (Record Players)

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      Turntables. Record players. Plattenspieler. Whatever you call them, Audio Influence has what you need.

      The nostalgic thump of a needle making contact, to that soft crackle of a stylus moving effortlessly over vinyl. It is all about the process, a comfy chair, a record collection, and some time to sit down and listen to your favourite albums spinning round and round. The only decision you need to make is what record to put on next.

      Vinyl is back and Australia is embracing it with open arms, in Melbourne almost every suburb has a record store for you to spend hours flicking through records to add to or start that collection.

      Our job is to supply the very best turntables to the people who love them. Our range is eclectic and suits all ends of the spectrum, from the wallet friendly Yamaha series to the Pre-Audio linear pneumatic turntables for the serious audiophiles.

      We stock everything from belt drive to direct drive, fully automatic and manual record players. There are semi-automatic rigs, players that include pre-amplifiers built-in. some have USB outputs for recording. Then we move onto different speeds, 33 1/3, 45RPM up to 78RPM.

      Upgrades are also available like cartridges, needles, platters and tone arms.

      Record player specifications can seem endless and a little over whelming, but we are here to help and run you through everything you need to know to get you listening to your favourite music.

      Turntable FAQs

      Opt for renowned brands like Audio-Technica, Pre-Audio, or New Horizon. Consider factors like budget, features, and sound quality.

      Mainly, two types - belt-driven and direct-drive. Belt-driven turntables offer superior sound quality. DJs prefer direct-drive for scratching and mixing.

      Key features include adjustable tracking force, anti-skating control, and a replaceable cartridge. Also, consider built-in preamps and USB outputs.

      Belt-driven turntables use an elastic belt to spin the platter, reducing motor noise. Direct-drive turntables connect the motor directly to the platter, offering more torque and speed stability.