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      Floor Standing Speakers at Audio Influence

      Discover our collection of exceptional floor standing speakers. From sleek tower speakers to stunning room-dominating standing speakers, all designed to elevate your audio experience. Audio Influence is your premium retail outlet for high-quality audio equipment in Australia. 

      Our selection of speakers goes beyond the norm, featuring a broad array of floor standing loudspeakers that blend aesthetics with superior sound output. With full-sized floorstanders in our range, we cater to every audio enthusiast's unique tastes and preferences.

      Feel the power of deep, resonating bass, thanks to our speakers' superior low-frequency capabilities. Experience balanced audio with the crystal-clear midrange and crisp, distinctive treble tones our floor standing speakers offer.

      All floor standing speakers in our collection boast a robust enclosure, providing a sturdy housing for the advanced audio technologies within. These well-crafted cabinets ensure the sound output remains undistorted, enabling you to enjoy your favourite tunes in their purest form.

      At Audio Influence, we take pride in showcasing floor standing speakers from top-rated brands known for their commitment to quality and innovation. From established manufacturers to emerging speaker builders, our lineup represents the best in the industry.

      We have designs that will fit flawlessly into any space and fill it with unadulterated sound, from glass rattling JBL to sleek Audio Pro’s… they’ll rattle your windows too.

      Go on, irk the neighbours.

      Floorstanding Speaker FAQs

      Floorstanding speakers are large audio devices. They stand on the floor and deliver a full range of sound. They are used as main speakers in stereo or home theatre systems.

      Consider size, power, sensitivity, impedance, and material quality when buying floorstanding speakers. Room size, acoustics, and your listening preferences are also important.

      Top floorstanding speaker brands include JBL, Fyne Audio, Mission, and Polk Audio. They are known for superior sound, innovative design, and industry reputation.

      Consider number and type of drivers, cabinet design, crossover design, and connections when buying floorstanding speakers. The speaker's frequency response is also important.

      A 2-way speaker has two drivers: a woofer and a tweeter. A 3-way speaker has three: a woofer, a midrange, and a tweeter. The difference lies in how they divide sound frequency. The 3-way speaker offers more precise sound reproduction.