Wireless Speakers

bluetooth & multi-room
Wireless baby!
Bluetooth: play music from your phone or computer to one speaker.
Multi-Room: connect your speaker(s) to your wifi, control with your smart device throughout the house.
BLUETOOTH Multi-room

Audio Influence has got you covered for wireless speakers.

Hate wires but want music everywhere in your home? Wireless technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years, you can now effortlessly connect your music to speakers all over your home with out the hassle of running ugly and annoying wires across the floor, walls and ceiling.

Sound quality just keeps improving as well, we stock Wifi enabled speakers which is a step up on the wireless Bluetooth technology. One of the things that is specific to wireless speakers is the systems they use to transmit the signals. Some support Airplay which is Apples wireless audio service. Audio pro connects straight to your WiFi allowing you to play music through an array of streaming services like tidal, Spotify, Amazon music, Airplay, deezer and you can even listen to your favourite streaming and radio services without connecting your phone. These services are usually controlled through a modern and easy to use phone app designed specifically for the speaker you are using.

Connect a multi room setup and start streaming to every corner of the house.


We stock Audio Pro, Bluesound, Bowers& Wilkins, Geneva, Marshall, Polk, Wharfedale and Yamaha

Come in and have a chat about setting your space up wirelessly.