Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are essentially what they say on the packet, speakers to fit on a bookshelf. They do however come in many different shapes and sizes from smaller 2-way models to larger 3-way stand mount selections. These types of speakers work fantastically in almost any space and are suitable for both music and home theatre.

It is widely accepted that book shelf speakers offer stronger imaging properties than their larger floor standing comrades.

We have a wide range of speakers to suit any budget and any space, we have Wi-fi and Bluetooth speakers, multi room options and stylish stands to mount them on.

Come in and have a chat about our wide variety of options, we stock Acoustic Quality, Fyne Audio, JBL, Polk, PSB, Revel, Stirling, Totem, Well Rounded Sound, Wharfedale and Yamaha, you will be sure to find the right speaker for your space amongst this stella line up. 5 star sound.