Audio-Technica AT-SP95 Active Speakers
Audio-Technica AT-SP95 Active Speakers
Audio-Technica AT-SP95 Active Speakers
Audio-Technica AT-SP95 Active Speakers
Audio-Technica AT-SP95 Active Speakers

Audio-Technica AT-SP95 Active Speakers

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Audio-Technica AT-SP95 Active Speakers

The AT-SP95 active speakers make it incredibly easy to create your ideal sound environment with quick connectivity to computers and other audio devices.

Stream music or radio with impressive, high-fidelity audio while doing housework or working from home.

Using the speakers with a device’s TV mirroring function also offers an immersive audio experience when used with a large-screen TV.

The speakers can also be easily connected to a turntable when you want to enjoy the relaxing sounds of vinyl.


High-sensitivity 52 mm speaker units for clear reproduction of vocals and instruments 

Enjoy high-quality audio for longer periods with advanced clarity. Stereo sound offers powerful, three-dimensional audio that outperforms stock computer and portable device speakers. 

USB-powered with no external AC adapter required 

Simply connect the USB Type-A plug to any USB port on a computer or other audio device, then connect the 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo mini-plug to the headphone jack, and you’re ready to listen. The wired connection also eliminates sound delays for reliable audio. 

Powerful, natural sound with minimal input energy required 

At 2 W + 2 W output power, the high-sensitivity speakers create a natural sound without the need for excessive power. 

Front-mounted headphone jack for simple audio output switching 

The built-in headphone jack offers a convenient way to switch to headphones without disconnecting from the source computer or audio device. Simply connect your headphones (sold separately) to the jack on the front of the speaker to easily switch audio output, and take advantage of easy volume adjustment. The speakers can also be connected to a turntable with analog output, making it easier to enjoy the sounds of vinyl. 

Simple power/volume knob operation 

The speakers include a front power/volume knob for intuitive, integrated control. Simply rotate the knob to turn on the power and adjust the volume. 

Space-saving design 

Designed to enhance your personal audio space, the speakers boast a chic colour scheme and compact body that blends into any computer desk environment. 

Crossover cable for dual-monitor setups 

The 1.2 m audio/USB cable makes connecting to a computer or audio device incredibly easy. The 1.5 m (4.9′) crossover cable that connects the left and right speakers is also perfect for use with dual monitors. 


Type Speaker system with built-in amplifier
Driver Diameter 52mm
Output 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack
Weight Approx. 300 g (L side), Approx. 335 g (R side)
Product Type: Bookshelf Speakers

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