The Simple Setup

No Strings Attached.

We've picked out the parts, all you gotta do is put it together... Kind of like build-a-bear, but way more fun!

Choose any turntable & speaker combo below and we throw in any any extra cables needed (for free!). The goodness doesn’t end there, we'll also send you an email post-purchase on how to set up your new gear.

Happy listening!

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Check out our Classic Turntable Setups


One Speaker

Generally a more affordable option & takes up less real estate. You can start with one now, down the track add another (same model) to create a stereo pair.

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Two Speakers

A pair of speakers gives creates stereo imaging. With a left & right channel you can hear the experience of the music exactly how it was recorded in the studio.

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Why stop at 2 speakers when you can fill the whole house!? Have one speaker plugged into your turntable and listen to that vinyl through multiple speakers around the house.

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