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AM Clean Sound Record Cleaner Set (Cleaner 45ml, brush, stylus cleaner, cloth)

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AM Clean Sound Record Cleaner Set

Essential cleaning, stabilising and anti-static treatment for your vinyl records and stylus. The specially formulated non-abrasive record cleaner and anti-static vinyl brush safely and efficiently eliminate grime, dirt and static build-up from your vinyl collection. The stylus cleaner lifts dust, grit and particles worn from the stylus tip.

Drain the static charge from your records and lift any residual dust and grime. The conductivity of the brush’s carbon fibre bristles eliminates static charges while gently and efficiently removing the dust, grit and particles that bung up your vinyl’s grooves and degrade your record’s sound. The conductive carbon fibers reach deep into the grooves of your vinyl to remove even the smallest particles, leaving your records clean while prolonging the life of vinyl and stylus.

How It Works

Spray the record cleaner directly on the record making sure not to wet the label. Take the cotton cloth and gently wipe the record in a circular motion. Work your way inwards tracing out the circular line markings on the record.

Take the stylus cleaner and use the applicator to brush from the back of the stylus (the end nearest the cantilever) towards the tip.

Gently hold the fibers of the anti-static vinyl record brush in the grooves as the record spins to collect dust, particles and remove static build-up. After the record makes a full rotation, angle the fibers towards the outside of the record and carefully sweep the particles off the vinyl surface.

  • Smoother, richer tonal balance
  • Vast improvement in soundstage clarity and instrumental definition
  • Increased dynamic range
  • Improved bass response
  • Increased vinyl longevity
  • Substantial reduction in vinyl noise floor

Additional Information

Record cleaner bottle: 45ml efficient and gentle vinyl record cleaning fluid.

Record brush: Antistatic conductive brush made from ultra fine carbon fibre.

Stylus cleaner: Non-flammable fluid for wet cleaning of the stylus needle on your cartridge.

Record cloths: Anti-static lint-free cloths made from 100% cotton

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