AM Clean Sound Record Weight

AM Clean Sound Record Weight

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AM Clean Sound Record Weight

300g solid steel weight to both stabilise uneven records and steady rotation speed Doubles as centerpiece for singles.

The record weight improves the sound of your vinyl by lessening unwanted vibration coming off the record. At 300g, the record weight applies firm pressure on the record to the platter and can also temporarily level the surface of imperfect vinyl.

How It Works

Place the record weight on the record when it is not turning.

  • Smoother, richer tonal balance
  • Vast improvement in soundstage clarity and instrumental definition
  • Increased dynamic range
  • Improved bass response
  • Increased vinyl longevity
  • Substantial reduction in vinyl noise floor


Weight: 300g

Material: Steel

Dimension: 45mm

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Product Type: Accessories

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