Beyerdynamic USB WL Wireless Adapter

Beyerdynamic USB WL Wireless Adapter

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Beyerdynamic USB Wireless Adapter

USB adapter for Bluetooth® connection

Full compatibility between Beyerdynamic SPACE and Microsoft Teams®
Suitable for video calls and phone calls with our wireless headphones
Wide-ranging Bluetooth® connection
Intuitive operation: plug in, pair and go
Compact design allows it to stay permanently connected to a laptop or PC

With the USB WL adapter for perfect communication, you always have a fast and long-range Bluetooth® connection between your Beyerdynamic speakerphone or wireless headphones and your laptop or PC. The USB dongle enables full functionality and compatibility for conducting phone calls and meetings via Microsoft Teams® or playing music with and Beyerdynamic SPACE and Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX.


BEYERDYNAMIC SPACE & BEYERDYNAMIC SPACE Establish a stable Bluetooth® connection between your laptop or computer and your Beyerdynamic SPACE / Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX even more easily and enjoy full functionality and compatibility of Microsoft Teams®,


The USB WL Adapter makes tedious configuration a thing of the past. Simply plug the dongle into your laptop or PC and connect it to compatible Beyerdynamic speakerphones or headphones – now you can focus fully on your phone calls and meetings.

  1. Plug the USB WL Adapter into the Laptop
  2. Set the Speakerphone or Headphones to Pairing Mode
  3. Press and Hold the Button on the USB WL Adapter for Three Seconds
  4. The Bluetooth Connection is Activated Automatically


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