Furutech Reference III- N1 High End Performance BI-Wire Speaker Cable

Furutech Reference III- N1 High End Performance BI-Wire Speaker Cable

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Furutech Reference III- N1 BI-Wire Speaker Cable

α (Alpha) Conductor Is Composed Of Fine OCC Wire Strands
Treated With Furutech’s α (Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Process

Bi-Wire Speaker reference III-04 2 metre
Bi-Wire Speaker reference III-06 3 metre

op of the line double-shielded α (Alpha)-OCC conductor interconnects, power cords and digital cables featuring extraordinary build quality and Formula GC-303 antimagnetic EMI-absorbent modules surrounding the cable offering greater resolution, more powerful dynamics, and virtuoso performances from all your components. All connectors are rhodium-plated for optimal signal transfer.

" Furutech might rightly be thought of as WBT's elder Japanese brother. Elder and bigger ... Shielding from and against noise pollution in cables has become more important than ever - and Furutech has developed a very powerful yet elegant antidote … Bravo."
-- Srajan Ebaen, 6moons.com


・Shielded α (Alpha)-OCC Conductors eliminate radiated noise

・Formula GC-303 Antimagnetic EMI-Absorbent Modules surround each cable

・High performance beautifully engineered and finished with nonmagnetic rhodium plated pure copper spades

・(Nonmagnetic rhodium-plated eutectic cast brass FP-202 (R) Banana connectors by request).

・Insulated with Special Grade PE reducing capacitance and damping vibration

・Results in greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more fully without artificial upper-frequency “presence region” glare.

・GC-303 allows a deeper, tighter bass to form a solid foundation for the rest of the frequency range, better defining the original recording’s venue. Natural, unforced detail reveals nuance and energy for an engaging musical experience.


 6 bundles of 25-strand α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor・0.16mm for Treble, 6 bundles of 41-strand α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor・0.16mm for Bass,

・Insulation: Special grade PE (Red/White for Bass, 5.1mm diameter)
(Blue/Black for Treble, 4.8mm diameter)

・Cable Lay: Four cores twisted together with cotton yarn, PVC core in centre

・Sheath: Two layers flexible PVC (Purple/Red) 16.0±0.2mm diameter

・Shield: Special EMI- and noise-absorbent Formula GC-303 module

・Jacket: Nylon yarn braid approx. 17.0±0.2mm

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