Ludic Vili Record Clamp
Ludic Vili Record Clamp
Ludic Vili Record Clamp
Ludic Vili Record Clamp

Ludic Vili Record Clamp

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Ludic Vili Record Clamp

With the Ludic disc stabilizer clamp vinyl sound can be significantly improved, when unwanted resonances between record and platter can be reduced, while playback.

It can stabilize rotational speed to reduce resonance vibration, lower noise floor remarkably, provide pure signal retrieval and give realistic sound reproduction.

The Ludic disc stabilizer clamp has high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability, which is a perfect for vinyl stabilizers. The Ludic record stabilizer clamp can press down the disc and clamp the shaft. Its tightness can be adjusted by controlling the knob.  Therefore surfaces of record and platter should connect tightly. Standard record pucks, that use weight to achieve this, have 2 disadvantages:

1) The weight can induce higher levels of rumble, when used with lower cost turntables which have less massive main bearings

2) Instead of tightening the record’s surface to the platter, heavy weight record pucks can cause the opposite: Vinyl will get shaped like a bowl with no contact of the outer edges of the record to the platter.

Both will affect the sound negatively.

The Ludic Stabilizer Clamp is the real solution, an accessory with a clamp mechanism around the centre spindle that will not add weight, which would induce rumble.

You can fine-adjust pressure according to the condition of your warped records.

Fitting of the Clamp is easily done within seconds.

  • Weight 85g
  • Diameter 88mm


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