Ludic Vinyl Record Cleaning System Evo
Ludic Vinyl Record Cleaning System Evo
Ludic Vinyl Record Cleaning System Evo
Ludic Vinyl Record Cleaning System Evo

Ludic Vinyl Record Cleaning System Evo

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Ludic Vinyl Record Cleaning System Evo

Record Cleaning Solution:

You are looking for a record cleaning solution designed specifically for vinyl records. Ludic record cleaner employs a delicate yet powerful cleaning mechanism that removes dust, dirt, and static from your records’ grooves without causing any harm. Say goodbye to surface noise and enjoy the purest audio experience.

Anti-Static Technology:

Static electricity can attract dust and degrade sound quality. Ludic cleaner neutralizes static charge, ensuring your vinyl stays cleaner for longer and reducing the attraction of unwanted particles.

Microfibre Cloth:

A microfibre cloth is an excellent choice for gently wiping down records and removing any remaining debris or cleaning solution residue. Microfibre is a soft, lint-free material that won’t scratch the record surface.

Label Protection:

To protect the record label from getting wet or damaged during the cleaning process, we are using a label protector. The Vinyl record label protector is made of plastic and fits over the centre label of the record.

The Ludic Record Microfibre Cleaning Cloths are effective at removing dust, fingerprints, and other contaminants from the surface of your records without causing damage.

When using these products, here’s a general cleaning process:

Place the record on a clean, flat surface. Apply a few drops of the record cleaning solution to the record’s surface. Use The microfibre cloth to gently clean the record in a circular motion, following the grooves. After cleaning, use a separate microfibre cloth to wipe off any remaining solution or moisture. Ludic record cleaning cloth 5 pack is sold separately).

If you’re concerned about the label, use label protectors to cover it during cleaning.
(included in the package)

Remember that proper storage and handling of your vinyl records are also essential for their preservation. Store them vertically in protective sleeves and avoid touching the playing surface with your fingers.

By following these steps and using the Ludic cleaning products, you can keep your vinyl records in excellent condition and enjoy the best possible sound quality.


  • 1x 200Ml record cleaning fluid
  • 1x microfibre cleaning cloth (1x)
  • 1x label protector

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