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Revel M-Stand for M126Be, M106 and M105 speakers

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APERTA 100 – Isolation Stand + APERTA PLATE


Revel M Stands for M126Be/M106 & M105 Speakers

Brings listening source to ear level for suitable surround sound configuration.


  • Pair of matching stands for Revel M126Be, M106 and M105 speakers.
  • Matching speakers attach directly to the platforms on these stands with supplied mounting screws.
  • Sturdy MDF construction for the upright posts, top plates, and bases
  • An integrated velcro-strap on the back of each stand helps you neatly route your wire to your speakers.
  • Includes feet with carpet spikes on one end and rounded ends for hard- wood and tile floors on the other Dimensions (W x H x D) - 228.6mm x 609.6mm x 279.4mm

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    Product Type: Speaker Stands & Mounts

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