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Soundsmith MMP-4 Phono Preamplifier

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Almost as critical as the cartridge itself, the phono preamplifier is key in any system. The SOUNDSMITH MCP-2, MMP-3 and MMP-4 preamps are revolutionary designs at their price points; proven by their worldwide acceptance. All preamps feature supreme linearity and ultralow noise performance by employing the fi nest circuit parts available.

Our MMP4 is a more cost effective way to enjoy your high output MC, MM or MI cartridge. Its design is based on our highly praised MMP3, and the specs and sonics make it a great value. It features 47K loading and 43 dB of gain.

Employing very high quality components, the MMP4 assures noise free and ultra-low distortion to allow unfettered enjoyment from your treasured vinyl collection. The MMP4 and MMP3 have been favourably demonstrated against preamps costing $2000 - $4000 with surprising results... and compliments to Soundsmith.

Our MMP3 and MMP4 (Moving Magnet Preamps) work well with any of our Medium and High Output cartridge lines, and other similar cartridges. 



  • TYPE: Moving magnet
  • INPUT LOAD: 47k 100pF
  • GAIN: 43dB standard
  • NOISE: -93dB down


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