Vertere RG-1 Reference Motor Drive
Vertere RG-1 Reference Motor Drive

Vertere RG-1 Reference Motor Drive

Brand: Vertere

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The Vertere RG-1 Reference Motor Drive is designed to provide maximum performance for the RG-1 Reference Record Player and Reference Tonearm. It utilizes advanced control circuit design to provide smooth drive with minimum noise and distortion, and offers fine steps in speed adjustment for precise speed selection.

Vertere RG-1 Reference Motor Drive

The music we hear when playing vinyl records, in reality, comes from the motor! The motor is the only source of energy in the system.  It is this energy that drives the record past the stylus thus making music.

Any amount of noise or fluctuation in the drive system will adversely impact on the music.  Detail, dynamics, timbre, timing and musicality are  just some of the qualities that will suffer as a result.

RG-1 Reference Motor Drive with its most advanced control circuit design, implemented to its limits, allows us to achieve maximum performance from our world renowned RG-1 Reference Record Player & Reference Tonearm.

RG-1 Motor Drive takes full control of the record player motor and provides the smoothest drive with minimum noise and distortion. The music that is extracted from the vinyl unbelievably resembles the original master that the record was cut from.

Closest to the original master.

The RG-1 Motor Drive, under development for over two years, was envisioned to match the performance of Reference Tonearm/RG-1 record player combination and realise their full performance potential.

Another requirement was to provide fine steps in speed adjustment for those records that required small speed correction. These speed errors can occur during the cutting process or could even exist on the tape. To achieve this, RG-1 motor drive, utilises a microprocessor and generates the exact frequencies that are required to drive the motor at the desired speed steps.

There are 7 speed adjustments via the front rotary knob allowing fine and exact ‘fixed’ speed selection of +/- 0.25%, 0.50%, 0.75%, 1.00%, 1.50%, 2.00% and 3.00% about the original 33 & 45 rpm.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (D x W x H mm)  450 x 215 x 58 (including Selector & Feet )

Weight:  4.1kg

Product Type: Turntables

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