Zeno 1:1 Standard
Zeno 1:1 Standard Zeno 1:1 Standard Zeno 1:1 Standard Zeno 1:1 Standard Zeno 1:1 Standard

Atlas' Zeno headphone cables are designed to offer a significant upgrade over the cables bundled with even very expensive headphones. Brands typically using 1:1 (cable plugs into one earpiece) connectors include AKG, B&W, Oppo and Sennheiser. (Some brands may use more than one type of connection depending on model). Atlas Zeno cables are a high performance OCC copper replacement cable for dynamic headphones (not electrostatics) from most audiophile brands. For Atlas to achieve their design and performance goals for Zeno, they employed their proven cold-weld solder-free construction methods, the objective being to produce a signal path with the minimum of the breaks in continuity which degrade fidelity. Staying true to their design principles meant designing a new family of low-mass, wide bandwidth connectors. These Metik connectors are available in 2.5, 3.5mm & 6.3mm jack plugs plus a 4 pin XLR version in their ‘dark chrome’ finish. Construction = Twin Co-ax Conductor = OCC Copper Dielectric = FEP Conductor Resistance = 0.123 0.123 Ohms/m at 20°C Capacitance = 122.3 pF/m Inductance = 0.306 µH/m Outside Diameter = 7.0mm