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      Who is Audio Pro?

      Audio Pro is a Scandinavian audio electronics brand that manufactures high-quality wireless speakers. From portable Bluetooth speakers to floor-standing television speakers, Audio Pro offers an impressive selection of products. All of their speakers are wireless and offer Bluetooth capabilities, so you can connect to almost any device. Plus, they create crystal clear, multi-room sound, so you can enjoy your music anywhere. 

      The company was founded in Sweden in 1978 but today can be found in 45 different countries across four continents. The founder of Audio Pro, engineer Karl-Erik Ståhl, first set out to create a small, compact speaker that had all the capabilities of a large subwoofer. This led to the creation of the A4.14 Audio Pro Hifi Fi Speaker, which featured a powerful built-in amplifier and ACE-Bass technology, inside a modest 14-litre box. 

      Today, Audio Pro offers a wide range of hi-fi speakers designed to deliver high-quality sound in a compact package. In recent years, they've made the transition to being completely wireless, as a way to offer more flexibility and convenience to their users.

      What makes the company unique is its patented ACE-Bass technology - which allows even compact speakers to handle deep bass notes. Audio Pro is one of the most in-demand brands for wireless speakers because its products offer quality and sophistication that is unmatched in the industry.