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      No, Batman had Robin, Han Solo had Chewbacca and SONOS – the greatest multi-room wireless music system the world has ever known – has Flexson.

      Someone needs to do the heavy lifting so that the hero can stand taller, look sharper and be stronger. And it’s with great pride that Flexson takes up this time-honoured tradition. We’re designers, engineers, music lovers and movie goers, but most importantly we’re just a humble crew of devoted sidekicks trying to help the SONOS range – a range we know and love – be a better hero in your home.

      With great power comes great responsibility. That’s why over 79% of our entire range is designed and manufactured in the UK to exactly match the size, style and colour of your heroic SONOS speakers and components. Then we throw in comprehensive instruction guides, all the fixing hardware, and offer free delivery across Australia – cause that’s what Chewy would do.

      When SONOS stepped forward as the hero of smart audio we knew something was missing. After all, all the best heroes had sidekickss: Rick and Morty, Shrek and Donkey, Maverick and Goose. So we stood up to face the evils of poorly built, outdated audio furnishings in your home, for you, for your loved ones, for justice. And we continue to do so.