Limited Edition Pressings

Limited Edition Pressings

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      Welcome to Audio Influence, Australia's ultimate destination for vinyl enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of music with our exclusive Limited Edition Pressing Collection of vinyl records, featuring a treasure trove of rare gems and sought-after releases, including exclusive Record Store Day (RSD) albums.

      Discover the allure of authentic sound as you browse through our carefully curated selection of limited edition vinyl records. Each piece is a testament to the timeless appeal of analog music, meticulously crafted to bring out the warmest tones and nuances of your favourite artists and bands.

      Celebrate the spirit of Record Store Day with us as we present a delightful assortment of exclusive RSD albums. These rare finds showcase one-of-a-kind artwork, previously unreleased tracks, and live performances that will transport you back in time to the golden age of vinyl.

      Audio Influence takes pride in catering to every audiophile's taste, boasting a wide array of genres, from classic rock and jazz to indie sensations and electronic wonders. Whether you are an avid collector or a passionate music lover, our Limited Edition Pressing Collection promises to captivate your senses and elevate your listening experience to new heights.

      In addition to our exceptional vinyl selection, our team of music aficionados is always on hand to offer personalized recommendations and insights, ensuring that you find the perfect addition to your cherished collection.

      Join us at Audio Influence, where the magic of music is preserved in its purest form – on vinyl. Indulge in the soulful melodies, nostalgic crackles, and unparalleled richness that only vinyl records can provide. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of music history with our exclusive Limited Edition Pressing Collection, featuring coveted Record Store Day albums. Visit us today and embark on a musical journey that transcends time and technology. Your audio adventure awaits!