Turntable BT-1301 SEG - Audio Influence
Turntable BT-1301 SEG - Audio Influence Turntable BT-1301 SEG - Audio Influence 1 Turntable BT-1301 SEG - Audio Influence 2 Turntable BT-1301 SEG - Audio Influence 3 Turntable BT-1301 SEG - Audio Influence 4 Turntable BT-1301 SEG - Audio Influence

Manual turntable with granite plinth, and high-quality acrylic tangenital tonearm. Includes Audio Technica AT-120 moving magnet cartridge.

The heart of this model is the tonearm. The arm is made from acrylic and has a full range of adjustment. This allows you to adjust the arm to the majority of cartridges available on the market. The construction of the truck-arm consists of two balanced high-precision ball bearings. The special design minimises any effects from the guide bearings, thus increasing smoothness. Thanks to special components, the arm mechanism does not introduce noise, and positively affects the quality of reading vinyl. The turntable drive is a high-quality synchronous motor. The torque is transmitted via a belt to a sub-platter, on which rests an acrylic platter with six damping weights. The turntable stands on four adjustable aluminium legs for precise leveling. The Granite plinth uses an attractive material to provide mass, for further isolation.

Tonearm = Pre-audio BT-1301/G
Cartridge = Audio Technica AT-120
Optional counterweight = for cartridge 5 – 10g
Pressure of cartridge = 5 – 30mN
Drive = belt
Motor = synchronous AC
RCA and Ground jack = Gold-plated
Speed range = 33.33 / 45 RPM
Speed deviation = +/- 0.5%
Speed flutter = +/- 0.1%
Signal to Noise ratio = -60dB
Change of speed = manual
Active length of tone arm = 45mm
Total mass = 25g
Effective mass = 25g
Overhang = 0
Offset angle = 0
Tracking error = 0
Anti-skating = 0
Height Adjustment (VTA) = + / – 10mm
Arm Height Adjustment range = +/- 5mm
Platter Height Adjustment = +/- 8mm
Platter weight/diameter/height = 2kg / 310mm / 40mm
Dimensions (mm) = 450 W x 350 D x 170 H
Weight = 18kg
Power supply = 240V / 50Hz
Power consumption = 2W
Colour / material = Star Galaxy / Granite