Asimi Luxe 2-4
Asimi Luxe 2-4 Asimi Luxe 2-4

Our obsessive attention to detail – and the combination of materials & assembly methods which was only finalised after exhaustive testing – produces a cable which HiFi World’s reviewer described as‘ the best he’d ever heard’ and HiFi Plus summarised as ‘one of the very, very best. ’ Our goal to make cables which have no discernable character or sound of their own, which would in itself be a form of distortion – Asimi is engineered to ‘disappear’ in your system, conveying the performance of your equipment with total transparency. It should be noted though that Asimi requires a ‘burn-in’ period during which the sound will continue to improve.

Construction = Solid multicore

Material = OCC pure silver

Dielectric = Microporous PTFE (Teflon™)

Screen = N/A

Capacitance = 34.06 pF/m

Inductance = 0.529 µH/m

Resistance = 0.0046 Ohms/m

VOP = 0.79

Outside Diameter = 16.3mm