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Atlas Equator Streaming Ethernet Digital Cable

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Atlas Audio Video Cables From Scotland UK

Atlas Equator Streaming Ethernet Digital Cable

A digital cable designed for high performance streaming audio applications. CAT6 compliant high-speed solid-core cable optimised for consistent digital signal transmission.

Digital theory suggests that data is nothing more than a sequence of ‘ones & zeros’ and all that’s required of a cable is to transfer data around the network. While that’s essentially true, it emerges as an overly simplistic perspective when considering high high-resolution low-level signals.

While the OSI 7 layer Ethernet protocol specification covers packet switching, error correction, timing and end-to-end transmission, as in any audio cable there are areas where the selected materials, construction techniques, connectors, and termination methods can all audibly impact the signal integrity.

Basic ‘eBay-style’ stranded, unshielded Ethernet ‘patch’ cables typically sound grainy and crude in hifi applications, with high levels of digital background ‘noise’ degrading audio quality. Such cables will typically fail ISO/TIA compliance testing standards and offer somewhat unpredictable performance.

Atlas streaming cables benefit from the expertise and experience gained with the continuing development and evolution of our high-speed video and USB audio cables. We utilise high-purity solid-core OFC conductors with very stable dielectric materials with polycarbonate shielded plugs in a precision-calibrated production process which pays particular attention to minimising signal errors. Fewer errors means the correction circuitry in the receiving device has less work to do – a high level of error correction can itself introduce more noise – extracting and processing the data.

The practical, audible result is a cleaner audio signal with a wider dynamic range and less of the ‘glare’ which typically results from high levels of unwanted ‘noise’ in the signal data.


  • Solid OFC Conductors
  • Polyethylene dielectric
  • Atlas Twist Technology and Precision Length Control (no erratic twisted pair conductors)
  • Tri-Plug technology
  • Cat 6 Specification - Speeds up to 10Gbps @ 250MHz

 Technology Specifications

Construction U/UTP twisted pair
Material Solid-core OFC
Dielectric PEF
Bandwidth (nom) 250Mhz
Outside Diameter 6.2mm

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