Auralic Vega G3 - Streaming DAC
Auralic Vega G3 - Streaming DAC
Auralic Vega G3 - Streaming DAC
Auralic Vega G3 - Streaming DAC
Auralic Vega G3 - Streaming DAC

Auralic Vega G3 - Streaming DAC

Brand: Auralic

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Auralic Vega G3 - Streaming DAC

AURALiC has been at the forefront of the audio streaming industry since 2014 with the debut of the world's first streaming bridge, the ARIES. Continuing this legacy, AURALiC is releasing four new products this year: ARIES G2.2, VEGA G2.2, ARIES G3 and VEGA G3. These products represent a generational shift in the technology platform while maintaining the understated elegance and classic design of the G series Unity Chassis II that incorporating a pure copper sub-enclosure and multi-point tuned sprung base assembly.
All the latest products incorporate AURALiC's new Tesla G3 streaming platform, using a 64-bit architecture that enables it to achieve eight times the processing power of the previous version. The memory capacity has also been increased to 4 GB, and Direct Memory Access Technology (DMA) has been integrated into the system. These advancements are engineered in such a way in that all audio-related circuits to connect directly to the system memory, substantially reducing latency and jitter by 90% comparing to its predecessor.

In a significant step for the company, the G2.2 and G3 products have been designed in the USA, and the ARIES G3 and VEGA G3 will be hand-built in AURALiC's Oregon facility, which will contribute to ensuring that products remain at the forefront of innovation and deliver the highest quality audio experience.

Introducing the VEGA G3 streaming DAC, Auralic's latest innovation in delivering an unparalleled musical experience. Building upon the advanced features of the VEGA G2.2, the VEGA G3 integrates a range of state-of-the-art technologies that surpass expectations. The VEGA G3 streaming DAC is not just a product, but a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing the most captivating and immersive musical experience ever imagined.

  • Proteus X1 Co-Processor

The Proteus X1 in the VEGA G3 is an advanced technology built around a Xilinx XC7A200T FPGA chip, featuring over 200,000 logic cells and 740 DSP slices. This chip shares the Tesla G3's 4GB DDR4 system memory, allowing for powerful data processing capabilities. Unlike in the ARIES G3, the Proteus in the VEGA G3 exclusively processes the signal with advanced digital filter and oversampling, ensuring that all input signals work at the DAC's optimal sampling frequency.

The algorithm running inside Proteus X1 of VEGA G3 is specially optimized processing music signal from online sources, whether it is through the built-in streamer or the digital inputs. This optimization significantly improves the listening experience for music that may not be available in highest resolution format.

  • Better DAC, Higher Performance

The VEGA G3 incorporates the same Fusion DAC design as the VEGA 2.2, but with an important upgrade: a final output switch network for analog conversion at an even higher level of precision. This advancement results in a significant 30% reduction in distortion and noise and a 50% improvement in dynamic range, making the VEGA G3 an exceptional choice for even the most discerning listeners seeking unparalleled audio performance.

  • Pure DAC Mode

Pure DAC mode in the VEGA G3 allows for an optimized signal path by disabling the streaming capabilities of the device. This feature is especially beneficial for users who prefer to rely on other methods for streaming their audio content. With Pure DAC mode, the VEGA G3 provides the cleanest possible signal path, resulting in a high-quality audio playback experience.

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