Element sc USB

The latest generation of Atlas' hugely popular Element USB cable is the Element SC (solid core) USB. Through extensive testing, Atlas found that the use of solid core silver-plated copper conductors covered in low-loss foamed polyethylene delivered the most consistent performance for the data streams.The use of solid core conductors reduces internal data reflections between each strand of each conductor, and allows for the exact measurement of each twisted pair, meaning that all data transmitted along the cable reaches the receiver at exactly the same time, reducing ‘jitter’ (noise) and increasing performance. Construction = Solid Core (Data), Multi-core (Power) Material = Silver Plated OFC (Data), OFC (Power) Dielectric = PEF (Data), SR PVC (Power) Screen = OFC, 85% Shielding = Triple 100% Mylar™( Data) Outside Diameter = 5.5mm