Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Vinyl Album

Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Vinyl Album

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Music On Vinyl re-release the famous 'red sleeve' Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits album. This record was a stalwart of every decent album collection in the early 1970s as it represented the first greatest hits package from Fleetwood Mac, covering the period from the band's beginning in 1968 through to 1971. Fleetwood Mac in their original incarnation was led by guitarist Peter Green and were leaders of the second British Blues boom of the late 1960s.

Fleetwood Mac enjoyed several hit singles in the United Kingdom at that time and these are collated here for this album, originally issued on CBS Records only in the U.K. 'Albatross' was a huge chart hit in the UK whilst the single 'Black Magic Woman' helped to break Fleetwood Mac in the U.S.A via a cover version by Santana, who placed their version in the Billboard Top 40.

The album gatefold shows a full-size photo of the post-Green lineup of the band with Christine McVie (nee Perfect), even though she just plays piano on a couple of tracks and wasn't a full-fledged member until after 'Kiln House' was released.

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