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Furutech FI-50AU-NCF (R) Australian AC Power Connector (Each)

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Furutech FI-50AU-NCF (R) Australian AC Power Connector

The FI-50AU-NCF-R is a specifically designed connector for the AU/NZ market. The perfect match to the FI-50-NCF-R IEC connector to make up your ultimate power cable.

Furutech’s Pure Transmission FI-50 NCF Piezo Ceramic series connector bodies and housings feature several breakthrough construction techniques.
A multilayer nonmagnetic stainless steel and silver plated carbon fiber shell incorporates a special damping and insulating acetal copolymer. Furutech settled on stainless and silver plated carbon fiber for the outer housing after extensive listening sessions with Japanese industry figures and audiophiles.

Floating Magnetic Field Effects

Current flowing through the power connector creates a magnetic field, just as an insulated conductor creates both electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. Furutech engineers found this magnetic field induces current flow (and a small magnetic field) in the screws holding the connector together! These magnetic fields interfere with the larger magnetic field around the conductor and connector.

Furutech’s total attention to detail and elegant engineering neatly solves the problem. The Earth/Ground Jumper System connects the securing screws to a ground terminal within the plug completely eliminating the field disturbances they cause. The stray fields are grounded by a series of interlocking parts within the connector that attach to the ground conductor. The Jumper System is available in Furutech NEMA Power and IEC Connectors


• α (Alpha) Pure-Copper Rhodium-plated Conductor
• Earth (Ground) Jumper System (US Patent No.: 6,669,491/European:EP1445837)
• Nylon/fiberglass body with a special anti-resonance nano-sized crystalline, piezo ceramic particles and carbon damping material
• Multilayered nonmagnetic stainless steel and silver plated carbon fiber housing incorporating an acetal copolymer. The best of damping and insulation materials improve frequency extension and tonal balance
• Specified for cable diameters from 6mm to 20mm
• Dimensions: FI-50M NCF Body length 40mm x 34.5mm diameter / 76.2mm overall length
• Metal cable clamp improves grip and reduces mechanically and electrically induced distortion

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