Furutech FX-Alpha-AG Coaxial Cable (Raw) - (50M Roll)

Furutech FX-Alpha-AG Coaxial Cable (Raw) - (50M Roll)

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Furutech FX-Alpha-AG Coaxial Cable (Raw)

  • 50 Metre Roll

Pure Silver Conductor + Fluoropolymer
α (Alpha)-Pure Silver Conductor(7/0.18mm)

25 AWG α (Alpha)-Pure Siver Conductor(0.18 sq.mm)
* Transmission Delay Time:3.80 ± 0.10 ns/m


※ α(Alpha)-Pure Silver conductor is Pure Silver conductor wire strands treated with the α(Alpha) process.


・Construction: α (Alpha)-Pure Silver Conductor(7pcs/0.18mm) (25 AWG) / (0.178 sq.mm)
・Insulation-1 : Fluoropolymer
・Insulation-2 : Polyethylene foam
・Shield: PET/Al Tape + 0.10mm α (Alpha)Conductor wire Braid
・Sheath: Flexible PVC ( Green)
・Characteristic Impedance :75 ± 3 Ω
・Overall Diameter: 8.0mm (25AWG)

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