Furutech Nanoflux-NCF-18/AU Power Cord  1.8M/set

Furutech Nanoflux-NCF-18/AU Power Cord 1.8M/set

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Furutech Nanoflux-NCF-18/AU Power Cord  1.8M/set


Furutech Alpha Nano-Au-Ag OCC is one of the best conductors Furutech engineers have found for sound reproduction.
The new technology used in the highly specialized manufacturing process of this ultra-high performance power cable combines Furutech’s world renowned Alpha-OCC conductors with Furutech’s extremely effective signal transmission enhancer, Nano Liquid, to create Alpha Nano-Au-Ag OCC conductors. Nano Liquid’s molecules are so tiny (8 nano-meters in diameter (8/1000000mm) they cover the Alpha-Nano-Au-Ag OCC surface and “fill up” any concave-convex sections left on the conductor surface during the production process, increasing the electric conduction area and debasing impedance. The very precise mix of gold and silver super-micro particles and amount of dispersing Squalene oil used on the conductor has great influence on the sound reproduction, and Furutech’s engineers settled on their exact ratio of gold to silver particles after careful audition of countless test samples. The resulting “tuned” cable offers superb overall balance of qualities that Furutech is known for that allows you to feel experience and communicate with music. The results are extremely fine resolution down and through the very low noise floor, improved sound staging and image palpability, a musical, attractive, “round” midrange, tight and controlled bass, plus power and dynamics to spare to set your music on fire!


• α (Alpha) Nano-Au-Ag OCC Conductor
• Double sheath construction for improved damping effect.
• Insulation: Special grade flexible PVC
• Connectors: Furutech-engineered nonmagnetic rhodium-plated Carbon Fiber finished FI-50(R) NCF / FI-50M(R) NCF connectors or FI-50(R) NCF / FI-E50(R) NCF
• Silver Plated Carbon Fiber finished Formula GC-303 EMI-Absorbent Modules surround the cable.
• Neo-damper – Furutech's highly effective vibration damping material incorporated in cable build - only found in NanoFlux NCF power cord.
• Carefully engineered cable clamp improves grip and reduces mechanical and electrically-induced distortion
• Dimensions: Cable diameter approx. 18.8mm • Overall length: 1.8M/set

Cable construction:
• α (Alpha) Nano-Au-Ag OCC Conductor ・3.8mm diameter
• Insulation: Audio grade Flexible PVC (Red/White/Green), 5.2mm diameter
• Inner Sheath: Flexible PVC approx.12.5mm diameter
• Shield: 24 X 9 X 0.12mm braided α (Alpha) Conductor wires
• Sheath: RoHS Compliant Flexible PVC approx.18.0mm diameter
• Outer Sleeve: RoHS Compliant braided Nylon yarn braids, approx. 18.8mm

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