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Clef System Ground Stabilizer GroundZERO

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The Clef-Audio GroundZERO is an audio ground noise filter.  It enhances your Hifi or AV system with crystal clear sound by eliminating noise.

The GroundZero is a stylish cylindrical unit that comes with a detachable RCA cable. The cable is designed to connect to a spare RCA socket of your equipment like a music server, CD/SACD player, DAC or amplifier.

Ideally, the spare RCA socket should be a digital input or output. If a digital socket is not available, a left or right analogue RCA input/output can be used instead.

The GroundZERO does not have a power supply.   Simply connect to your system via the supplied RCA cable for remarkable improvement in sound quality – it’s that easy to install and use.


  • Lower noise floor
  • More natural instruments and vocals
  • Increased air and spatial qualities
  • Truer, more accurate detail of instruments

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