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Hi Fi Racks Podium Reference 40mm Isolation Plinth

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Also called isolation platforms, isolation plinths are used when your equipment needs more isolation between it and its resting point, e.g. the floor or hi fi rack level. Part of our multi award-winning Podium range, our Podium isolation plinths help enhance your equipment's sound quality and acoustic performance by reducing vibrations.

You can add isolation plinths to most of our Podium hi-fi racks and wall mounts as an optional extra within the individual product pages. Or, you can order our 40mm Podium Isolation Plinths separately in this section.

The heavier 40mm plinths are ideal for use on the floor, complete with isolation spikes, for equipment such as speakers and heavy amps that you don't want to place directly on the floor or on to the rack itself.


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