Atlas Hyper DD XLR Cable at Audio Influence
Atlas Hyper DD XLR Cable at Audio Influence
Atlas Hyper DD XLR Cable at Audio Influence

Atlas Hyper DD XLR Cable

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AAtlas Audio Video Cables From Scotland UK

Atlas Hyper DD XLR Cable

The Atlas Hyper DD is constructed with four central multi-core conductors of high purity OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper encapsulated within a low-loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric, with excellent immunity to interference and noise, making it ideally suited to longer cable runs. The cable is terminated with Atlas low-mass solder-free XLR plugs.

 Atlas dd (‘dual drain’) system: normally screened cables suffer from screen distortion when they are prepared for production. (If you've ever wired a plug or connector which uses a screened cable, you've done this yourself, cutting back and probably twisting the screening braid for termination). This distortion of the screen has a measurable impact, effectively changing the impedance and therefore the performance of the cable.

Atlas ‘dd’ configuration is based on a simplified version of the techniques Atlas have developed for their top-of-the-range Mavros and Asimi interconnects. Twin symmetrical drain wires (each attached to 180° segments of the plug) are inserted between a 100% copper/Mylar™ foil and screen. The unique dd system connects the screen effectively to the cable return/plug interface, meaning the cable can be terminated without distorting, twisting or mechanically stressing the precision-laid screen. The benefits are in maintaining a consistent low impedance load to the plug, and a total 360° screening against noise and signal loss caused by RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

Atlas use cold-weld terminations wherever possible, including Atlas current generation ‘dark Chrome’ XLR connectors. By reducing the number of materials and break points in the signal path, our objective is to minimise discontinuity and loss in the signal path, resulting in more consistent construction and improved audio performance.

NB. Atlas XLR plugs are wired as follows by default: Pin 1 = Ground; Pin 2 = Hot, Pin 3 = Cold. If you require a different configuration, please contact us. Always check with your equipment manufacturer’s instructions before ordering.

The Hyper range includes DIN &XLR termination options, digital interconnects plus single and bi-wire speaker cables.


  • Atlas XLR Plugs 
  • OCC Copper Conductors 
  • PEF Dielectric 
  • Twin Twisted pair Construction
  • Dual Drain ('DD') technology
If you require Other Lengths Please Contact Us

     Technology & Specifications

    Construction 4 core + screen
    Material 6n OCC Copper
    Dielectric PEF
    Screen OFC 94.2% – 252 strands, dual-drain
    Capacitance 71.54 pF/m
    Inductance 0.542 µH/m
    Resistance 0.0239 Ohms/m
    VOP 0.682
    Outside Diameter 10.0mm

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