Ludic Acrylic LP Slipmat Black
Ludic Acrylic LP Slipmat Black

Ludic Acrylic LP Slipmat Black

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Ludic Acrylic LP Slipmat Black

  • Ludic Acrylic LP Slip Mat Black

Acoustic feedback is one of the major problems when playing records. The sound that is produced by the speakers which comes back to the record player will cause it to vibrate. Because there is a very slight time difference between the reproduced sound and the sound that is fed back onto the record player. This results in a big loss of detail and clarity and makes the sound “muddy”. So every effort will be done to isolate the record player from its surroundings as well as to isolate the record from the record player.

In order to reduce acoustic feedback from the surroundings back to the record and the cartridge a lot of effort has gone into developing turntable mats that makes the reproduced sound crystal clear with great separation and detail. This has been done by experimenting with various materials which absorb unwanted vibrations which were not present in the original recording. With this Acrylic Mat the centre part can accommodate the thicker label part.

Ludic LP mats have the best price quality in the Market, so if you are not always limited to have only one option…

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