Ludic Vinyl Groove Record Cleaner Liquid 0,5ltr with Spray
Ludic Vinyl Groove Record Cleaner Liquid 0,5ltr with Spray

Ludic Vinyl Groove Record Cleaner Liquid 0,5ltr with Spray

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Ludic Vinyl Groove Record Cleaner Liquid 0,5ltr 

The Ludic Vinyl Groove Record Cleaner: preserve the sound of yesteryear…

Contains 0,5 litre with spray nozzle for easy use!!!Vinyl records have made a remarkable comeback in recent years, and audiophiles are rediscovering the rich, warm sound of analog music. To fully appreciate the sonic beauty of vinyl, a record cleaner is an essential tool.
Introducing the Ludic Vinyl Groove Record Cleaner, an indispensable accessory for vinyl enthusiasts and collectors. Engineered with precision and engineered for performance, this record cleaner is your gateway to pristine, crackle-free sound.

Most important features:

Gentle but effective cleaning:
Ludic record cleaner uses a delicate yet powerful cleaning system that removes dust, dirt and static electricity from the grooves of your records without causing any damage. Say goodbye to surface noise and enjoy the purest audio experience.

Antistatic technology:

Static electricity can attract dust and degrade sound quality. Our cleaner neutralizes static charges, keeping your vinyl cleaner longer and reducing the attraction of unwanted particles.

Satisfaction guaranteed:

Ludic are committed to your satisfaction. Your vinyl deserves the best care and we are ready to provide that to you.

Breathe new life into the magic of your vinyl collection and ensure every note and nuance is heard with unparalleled clarity. Invest in the ultimate record cleaner and experience your music the way it was meant to be heard.

Rediscover the warmth, depth and authenticity of analog sound.

500 ml 16.9 fl. oz

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