Shanling M30 Modular Hi-Fi Desktop Streaming Player-Audio Influence
Shanling M30 Modular Hi-Fi Desktop Streaming Player-Audio Influence
Shanling M30 Modular Hi-Fi Desktop Streaming Player-Audio Influence
Shanling M30 Modular Hi-Fi Desktop Streaming Player-Audio Influence

Shanling M30 Modular Hi-Fi Desktop Streaming Player

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Optional - Add On Module SHA-M30-HPMOD - High Performance Amplifier

Shanling M30 Modular Desktop Streaming Player

M30 is a unique modular device, upgradeable and customizable over time. Always keeping up with the latest technologies and your preferences.

Designed as an all-in-one device, it’s not only a high-performing DAC and headphone amplifier, but also a standalone music player with access to different music streaming services. And fully powered by its own batteries, assuring clean and stable power for the best audio performance.


  • Aluminium Chassis, carefully cut by CNC machines from a single piece of metal, for the best stability and interference resistance. 

  • Hi-Fi grade wires, using only single crystal copper for internal wiring, for the clean signal transmission.

  • Tantalum-Polymer capacitors , designed with 92 of the high accuracy and temperature stable Panasonic Capacitors.

  • KDS Crystal oscillators, pair of extremely highly precise oscillators for reduced jitter and accurate accurate clocking.



• Dimension: 213 x 258 x 50 mm / Weight: 3kg

• Screen: 6 inch 1920 x 1080 IPS touch screen

• Operating System: Closed Android, with deeply customised to prioritise highest quality audio playback

• Storage: up to 2TB Micro SD card (purchased separately

Headphone Section

• Output: 500mW (single ended) / 1530mW (balanced)

• Output impedance: 0.8 Ohm (single ended) / 1.6 Ohm (balanced)

• Channel separation: 71 dB (single ended) / 107dB (balanced)

• Recommended headphone impedance: 8-300 ohms

• Distortion: 0.00045%

• Signal to Noise Ratio: 123 dB @ 32 ohm (A-weighting)

• Dynamic Range: > 123 dB @ 32 ohm (A-weighting)

• Output port: 6.3mm, 3.5mm (single ended) / 2.5mm, 3.5mm Pro, 4.4mm (balanced) / XLR (balanced)

• Selectable tube section: 2 x Korg 6P1 tubes

DAC Section

• DAC Model: AKM AKK4497 x 2

• Sampling rate: up to 768kHz / 32 bit, Native DSD512 Software

• USB input: connect to use as sound device for external transport such as computer or tablet/phone

• USB Host port for external HDD connectivity

• USB output for connection to external DAC

• Digital Coaxial and Optical inputs

Streaming Section

• DLNA/UPNP/Airplay network connectivity

• 2-way Bluetooth, stream from a source over Bluetooth, or stream from EM5 to Bluetooth headphones

• Bluetooth Codecs: LDAC, LHDC, aptX (trasmit); LDAC. SBC (receive)

• Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, QQ music, Deezer, Amazon Music apps available

• MQA support 8x playback from stored files, streaming apps and USB input

• Ethernet port

• 2.5G / 5G Dual Band Wi fi

• OTA firmware updates

• Shanling Eddict Player app gives complete control on smartphones and tablets

Preamp / Output Section

• Analogue XLR balanced outputs

• Analogue RCA outputs

• Analogue RCA input for AUX analogue sources

• Digital Coaxial and Optical outputs

• Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Wireless Audio Certifications from the Japan Audio Society

Power Section

• 16500 mAh rechargeable battery module, with selectable charging thresholds for ‘always on battery’ playback

Shanling AMP Module for M30 (Optional Add on - please specify)


Output power:

Single-Ended - 6V @ 32 Ohm (1125 mW) // 7V @ 300 Ohm (165 mW)

Balanced - 11V @ 32 Ohm (3.8 W) // 13V @ 300 Ohm ( 0.56 W)


Output impedance:

Single-Ended 0.8 Ohm // Balanced 1.6 Ohm


M30 Balanced Bypass Mode:

THD – 0.0007%

Channel separation

Dynamic range - 125 dB

Channel separation – 105 dB

Signal-to-noise – 123 dB

M30 Balanced Transistor Mode:

THD – 0.0009%

Channel separation

Dynamic range - 114 dB

Channel separation – 104 dB

Signal-to-noise – 114 dB


M30 Balanced Tube Mode:

THD – 0.2%

Channel separation

Dynamic range - 101 dB

Channel separation – 100 dB

Signal-to-noise – 101 dB

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Product Type: DAC Network Streamers

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