Vertere HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2
Vertere HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2
Vertere HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2
Vertere HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2
Vertere HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2

Vertere HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2

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The Vertere HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2 uses bespoke internal conductor designs to ensure signal transmission integrity, with high purity copper and silver or tin plating. It is terminated with either Vertere Reference Digital RCA or high-speed 75Ω BNC connectors, and custom length options are available upon request.

Vertere HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2

To ensure absolute integrity of signal transmission, Vertere Pulse-HB utilises various bespoke internal conductor designs to provide unsurpassed performance at all levels. Pulse-HB’s proprietary conductors are all constructed from scratch using high purity copper with various diameters with each strand silver or tin plated as required. These bare conductors, some of which are a fraction of the thickness of a human hair, are then made into the individual insulated internal conductors. Finally, the internal conductors are all combined with a unique configuration and twist, shield wrapped, shield braided and coated with a special outer covering.

Pulse-HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2 follows in the footsteps of the USB cable, utilising a high purity solid centre core conductor with foil and shield plus a secondary shield braid for optimum digital signal integrity.

The HB Coax cable is terminated with either bespoke designed Vertere Reference Digital RCA (virtually a Coax) or high-speed 75Ω BNC connectors providing the fastest digital signal connection. Any combination of RCA & BNC termination is available on request.

  • custom length options available, please contact us if you require an alternative length.

Technical Specifications

Coax – 75 Ω Data/Digital Cable

Termination and Length
RCA & BNC 1.00m (+0.5m)

Cable Type

High Purity Copper

Silver, Tin


Vertere HB Reference 23.95ct/5 micron Or High Speed 75Ω Gold Plated BNC

Inner Foil + 1st Braid Shield + 2nd Inner Foil + Secondary Braid Shield

8.5mm Dia.

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