Vertere Pulse-HB Mains Power Cable
Vertere Pulse-HB Mains Power Cable
Vertere Pulse-HB Mains Power Cable

Vertere Pulse-HB Mains Power Cable

Brand: Vertere

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The Vertere Pulse-HB Mains Power Cable is a high-quality product designed to deliver clean power to any hi-fi system component. It features Vertere's proprietary Multi conductor construction, individual shielding for both Live and Neutral conductors, and an overall shield for enhanced performance.

Vertere Pulse-HB Mains Power Cable

Designed to ensure cleanest power delivery, Pulse HB Mains Power Cable, is an absolute reference product ideal for powering any hi-fi system component.

Both Live and Neutral conductors incorporate Vertere proprietary Multi conductor construction and are individually shielded. In addition, Pulse-HB Mains Power cable utilises an overall shield covering Live, Neutral and Earth conductors to further enhance its performance. From milliamps to over 25 amps, this extraordinary mains power cable ensures optimum performance from almost any hi-fi equipment.

Pulse-HB Mains Power Cable is available with special gold plated Vertere connectors for UK, Europe and US mains supply with termination to standard IEC or 20A IEC.

  • custom length options available, please contact us if you require an alternative length.

Mains Power Cable (CE, UL)

Termination and Length
UK, EU, US, IEC & 20A IEC 2.00m (Additional lengths in 0.5m steps)

Cable Type
x2 Multi Conductor, x1 Earth

High Purity Copper

Pure Copper, Tin

PTFE, PVC + Special Outer Weave

Vertere with x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts

x2 Inner Braid, Main Braid + Foil

12.3mm Dia.

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Product Type: Power Cables

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