Vertere - Silencer Support Pods
Vertere - Silencer Support Pods

Vertere - Silencer Support Pods

Brand: Vertere

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Vertere Silencer is a support pod that can improve the performance of record players and other audio equipment. It combines different components to reduce background noise, enhance stereo focus, and improve LF resolution.

Vertere - Silencer Support Pods 

Vertere Silencer is a new equipment support pod designed and manufactured to enhance the performance of your record player and other audio equipment.

Silencer is available in packs of three or four.

Silencer combines a hard felt resistive coupling foot, a direct coupling ball and an isolating layer of Sorbothane. From listening tests carried out with all Vertere record players, the Silencer addition, especially with an Iso-Shelf, brought about an improvement in stereo focus, a reduction in background noise and greater LF resolution. The sort of improvement that a significant upgrade in MC cartridge might bring.

Silencers can also assist with levelling as there is approximately 5mm of height adjustability in its design. The range of possible weight that Silencer can support is quite extensive. 

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Product Type: Isolation

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